What is it:
  • The recruiting assist program is a service where we do all the recruiting for clients.
  • This is a service meant to save time and frustration and speed up the start-up of a your outbound campaign!
What we do:
  • We will browse available agents that meet a client's job description, pre-screen them and shortlist them for an interview.
  • You only need to get on a quick interview with several shortlisted candidates, all at one time. Major time saver!
  • With our satisfaction guarantee: we will allow the you to replace an agent FREE for up to 14 days.
How much does it cost?
  • The Recruiting Assist program is only $100 per vacant position that needs to be filled with a guaranteed replacement up to 30 days.
  • This means that if any staff member needs to be replaced for any reason - we do not charge an additional fee for recruiting during that 30 day window.
1 - What if I want to trial more than one rep at a time?

If you decide to trial more than one rep at a time, you must make a decision within one week who you are going to keep or pay a recruiting fee for both reps.

2- Do you provide any management support with the recruiting service?

If you are interested in management support, we do provide a "Managed service" option, but the Recruiting Assist program only includes up-front recruiting and initial setup of agent.

3 - How many times can I replace a staff member if they aren't working out?

You can replace staff an unlimited # of times during a 14 day window. Of course we reserve the right to discontinue our Recruiting Assistance if we feel your campaign is abusing our guarantee.

4 - How many times should I expect to need to replace staff?

Our recommendation is that you trial at least 2 or 3 reps for every open position on your team. For example if you have 10 open spots, you'll want to trial 20 to 30 reps and after the first week select your core group of 10. Just remember a 3 to 1 ratio at all times to set realistic expectations on the # of staff you may need to go through to develop your core team.

5 - What happens if staff are having technical problems (slow internet, etc)?

We anticipate that some staff WILL have technical problems and that's why we recommend doing a trial with more than one staff so that you can quickly replace them. If they promise to get better internet etc.. you can opt to wait for them or move on to someone who is better prepared.

6 - What if I don't end up selecting any staff to work on my campaign?

If you don't select any staff that we have shortlisted, we will refund your payment.

7 - Why don't you offer a refund after I make a selection?

All clients must understand that early attrition on an outbound campaign is EXPECTED and you need to be ready and willing to keep moving forward to build your core team. It can usually take up to 2 weeks to trial and select the key people. If you give up after just a couple days after one or two bad hires, the likelihood of building a successful sales team is VERY LOW.

8 - What happens if after more than 3 attempts I still don't have someone reliable?

We will continue to work with you to find suitable candidates within the 14 day window. In some cases your program may simply be good difficult or unrealistic in your performance expectations and that may be the reason for such high attrition. We are not responsible for candidates dropping out - we are only responsible for ensuring we give you the maximum number of qualified candidates possible within the recruiting period.

9 - Do you assist with performance based projects?

No - we only assist with hourly based projects. (Or projects with a base + performance).