Marjon T.

Philippines | English
$12.00 / Hour
Hours Worked
Times Hired
Odialer CertifiedMade 40 hours of calls using Odialer
The ProCompleted 3840 hours of work
Client SatisfiedCompleted 960 hours of work to a contract


With over 10 years of experience in Sales, Management and Quality, I know what I can bring to the table. I have proven myself in every situation and always strive for excellence. I dream big... Let's talk how I can make your business dreams a reality.

I live and breathe challenges, think of me as a madman wanting to achieve his goal in every conceivable situation. I always take pride in what I accomplished and holds Integrity and Professionalism above all else. I have over 10 years of experience in Sales. I was an Operations Manager, a Team Leader, Trainer, Quality Analyst, and best of all a Salesman. I don't mind rendering overtime for the sake of my team and the company I'm working with.

Interested to work in

  • Hourly job
  • Performance based job
  • Experience

    10 years on phone experience

    7 years of off-phone experience


  • Surveys
  • B 2 C Calling
  • B 2 B Calling
  • Upselling
  • Closing Sales
  • Managing Teams
  • Feedback

    2 years ago
    Marjon was AWESOME. I hope we can work together again in the future

    Derek B.
    Mar. 2019 to Nov. 2019
    2 years ago
    Terrific work on the campaign. This is one of the most motivated and helpful people that I have worked with. I look forward to working with Marjon in the future.

    xavier l.
    Jul. 2018 to Jul. 2019
    The best client! Open to suggestions and always there to support. All the Best, till the next project.

    Marjon T.
    4 years ago
    Unfortunately the contract didn't get off the ground but not through any fault of the agents. Marjon was very helpful.

    Christine T.
    Sep. 2017 to Sep. 2017
    4 years ago
    Professional contractor.

    Brent L.
    Sep. 2016 to Sep. 2017
    5 years ago
    Ending contract temporarily until Marjon becomes available

    NationRep R.
    Oct. 2016 to Oct. 2016
    5 years ago

    Phil C.
    Sep. 2016 to Oct. 2016
    5 years ago

    Mehmood H.
    Oct. 2016 to Oct. 2016
    5 years ago
    Marjon is an AMAZING person to work with. He is able to actively resolve issues and is a true salesman. I look forward to utilizing his services in the future.

    Derek B.
    Aug. 2016 to Sep. 2016
    5 years ago
    Marjon was everything I could have asked for and more, quick learner, went the extra mile,his experience really added value to my telesales project. I highly recommend Marjon.

    Tom C.
    Jun. 2016 to Jul. 2016
    I consider Tom as my mentor and a very good friend. He is open to any suggestions and the best person to learn the ropes from. It was a great pleasure to work with you and wishing you all the best in the future.

    Marjon T.
    5 years ago
    Great and committed worker

    Alexey G.
    Mar. 2016 to Apr. 2016
    5 years ago
    Great Agent!

    John D.
    Nov. 2015 to Jan. 2016
    I can't praise John enough. A pleasure to work with and really hands on to everything. I wish you all the best in the future.

    Marjon T.
    6 years ago

    Stefan B.
    Oct. 2015 to Nov. 2015