Recruiter/Interviewer for Staffing Firm

We are a staffing/recruiting firm. We have ads out on Job Boards for positions that we are looking to fill. Potential candidates respond to our ads. You will perform interviews of candidates that have applied to jobs that we have posted online on job boards. You will call candidates, that have scheduled appointment times for phone interviews, and ask specific questions related to the position to see if they are a match. If they are a match, they will move forward in the interview process with one of our internal recruiters. You must have a U.S./American Native sounding accent.

You will be provided with the Resumes, Job Descriptions, Interview Questions, Access to the Scheduling Calendar.

You will:
1. Ask specific interview questions that will be provided to you
2. Review their resume to get clarification on their work history and ask your own additional questions
3. Review their resume to make sure that it shows their CURRENT job or most recent job description. If it is not on their resume, you will ask them where they currently or most recently worked, dates, and duties. You will also ask them to email you an updated resume
4. Write a brief summary of your interview detailing their skills, experience and why they are a good fit for the job.

You should be adept enough to know when to ask your own questions that are outside our set of interviews. You must take notes because after each interview or at the end of your shift, you will forward a written brief summary of the candidate's skills, experience, and why you feel that they would be a great fit for the job. The summary must include 3 pieces of information that is not already on the resume.


1. You must have a U.S./American Native sounding accent. No heavy foreign accents.
2. In your interview, you will be asked to perform a test candidate phone interview and writeup, for our review


All interviews are by phone only and will be by appointment only. You will only make calls and only be on the phone during scheduled interviews that are scheduled on your calendar only. You will have access to your personal business calendar on Calendly. Therefore, you will check your calendar the night before or first thing in the morning to see what your schedule is for the following day. If you do not see any appointments for the day, then you do not work that day. If you see appointments on your calendar, then you will work only during those scheduled times.

1. All interviews are scheduled in 15-minute blocks. Meaning, you may do up to 4 interviews in an hour.
2. All interviews will be scheduled with a 24-hour notice. Meaning, you will not receive last-minute interviews scheduled.
3. Your prescreen interviews should not take longer than 15 minutes for you to complete.
4. Maximum of interviews you will do in a day is 12. (4 interviews per hour for 3 hours
5. Your appointment calendar will be open from 9 am - 6 pm. This way candidates can schedule interviews at a time that is convenient for them. However, your calendar will be set up/limited so that you cannot take more than 12 interviews in a day - work a maximum of 3 hours per/day (15 hours per week) of phone time. We will only pay a maximum of 15 hours per week. On average this job is 10-15 hours per week. As Needed Basis. Again, if you do not have interviews scheduled, you are not to be logged in.
6. All hours are Monday - Friday. No weekend interviews.
7. You must be available to do interviews between 9 am - 6 pm EST.
8. Candidates will be from all over the United States. EST, PST, and Central. The calendar automatically adjusts to their time zone.

All interviews should be conversational style and not seem like you are using a script because you will NOT have a script except to leave a voicemail. You will have a set of questions that must be answered that we will provide to you but you will need to be able to swing off script and dive in to ask questions that are not pre-given to you in order write a thorough summary of your interview.

If you do not have interviews scheduled during a time or day, you will not work and may work with other clients in between. You will ONLY be on the phones and working when you have someone scheduled. Do not sit on the phone the entire time of the shift. You will only work (make calls) when you have a scheduled interview. You do not need to use an auto dialer. You will call manually at each appointment time.

Call Type

B 2 C (Biz to Consumers)

Skills Required

Ability and knowledge to pose insightful and engaging questions
Critical thinking
Writing reports



As Needed - < 10 hrs/week

Dec 05,2018




9am to 6pm
Calling Time

[-05:00] America/Detroit


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