Agent Application Requirements


You must provide your own working equipment (desktop or laptop pc). Please read the minimum requirements carefully!

  1. Must have Windows XP Service Pack 3 / Vista / Windows 7
  2. Intel Pentium 4 - 1.5Ghz or equivalent processor or higher.
  3. 512mb RAM
  4. Working headset with built-on boom microphone, (NOTE:   the audio coming from your microphone must be clear to the person on the other end of the line!)
  5. Must have word processing and spreadsheet program
    1. *Programs must be compatible with MS Office*
    2. This means you can use ANY program or software you choose, here is a list of
    3. Compatible programs:
      1. Open Office Writer & Open Office Calc
        • Open Office can be downloaded from the internet for FREE!
      2. Corel Word Perfect
  6. You must provide us your landline number or mobile number where we can call you during your shift.
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Internet Connection

You must provide your own working internet connection before you are hired for any campaign.

Your internet connection must meet a minimum requirement of 1mbps.

  1. Acceptable connections are:
    1. DSL
    2. Cable Modem
    3. Fiber Optic
  2. **UNACCEPTABLE internet connections:
    1. Smart Bro
    2. Globe Tattoo
    3. Sun Broadband
    These internet connections are acceptable for BACKUP in case you primary connection is not working. However, be advised that these connections are NOT suitable for voice communications and their signal can be lost any moment.
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Workspace Environment

Workspace Environment must be in a location that promotes a professional attitude.

Your workspace should be free and clear of ALL distractions!

  1. Please move your workspace so that you are not distracted by the TV, Radio, visitors, pets, and outside noises!
  2. Your workspace should also be clean and comfortable for you!
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We have this at the top of our list! Your attendance and how reliable you are when reporting for work is essential to your success. During work hours, you are required to log in to your Skype account for provided by the Administrator, along with both Time Doctor and Outbounders Dialer.

We require our agents to only work on our accounts during your employment with If we find out an agent is working another account while employed with us, we will terminate the agent immediately.

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All agents on are under Independent Contractor status. This means taxes and other financial obligations are the sole responsibility of the contractor, that means YOU!

Any time off will be reviewed by the admin team prior to approval. In most cases you are not entitled to any vacation days or sick/holiday days. policy is that time off can be approved for family emergencies or periods where the agent’s presence is required. In those cases it is best to inform us as soon as you know! We do make exceptions at our discretion in these cases.

As for any vacation days off, most of the time it will not be approved due to the nature of your employment status. Exceptions can be considered if the agent is on a long term account and the client approves. We do not take Holidays unless preapproved by the client.

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You NEED to update and report to your client at all times, send him/her a message on skype or drop them a daily report at the end of the day-everyday!

If you happen to have any issues with internet connection, power interruption or any issues at all that will hinder you from working, please contact your assigned Administrator a minimum of 2 hours before your shift starts so they will have enough time to inform your clients and find a backup agent.

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Work Hours

Your work hours will be determined once you are hired by a client. Time will differ of course, but most of our clients are based in the U.S. and Canada. Most likely it will be a graveyard shift that you will be working, so make arrangements to accommodate that shift. Rest days will always be weekends, Saturday and Sunday but there are some cases your clients will require you to work during weekends.

If or when your campaign ends, we may be able to assign you to another client or campaign. Attendance and punctuality will factor in to your performance assessment. Just because you were the top selling agent on your last campaign, it does not guarantee you future employment with Please remember to be on time and be professional at all times!

To avoid any unwanted issues with time tracking and hours paid: we ask you do not delete screen shots or adjust hours in the time tracking system. If you need to adjust your hours worked contact your admin. If there is a problem with your screenshots, please notify the admin at once!

Any adjustments made without the administrator's authorization WILL NOT BE PAID!

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Breaks and Lunch Time

Clients will have the option to set break schedules. If the client has no preference then the admin will assign a break schedule. Typically we follow a simple guideline:

  1. 2 hours of work = one 15 minute break (nonpaid)
  2. 4 hours of work= two 15 minute breaks (nonpaid)
  3. 6 hours of work= two 15 minute breaks or one 30 minute break (nonpaid)
  4. 8 hours of work= two 15 minute breaks with one 30 minute lunch in the middle of the shift (nonpaid)
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Offenses for Absences

1st offense of AWOL (Absence w/o Leave) – verbal warning

2nd offense of AWOL (Absence w/o Leave) – Final written warning

3rd offense of AWOL (Absences w/o Leave) – Termination of Employment

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There are some clients that have bonus and commission schemes for sales campaign; this will be added on top of your basic rate.

Pay Dates

Salary payout will be released every Friday.

Time Tracking

Worked hours will be based on your OBTracker logs so make sure you are using the software every time you are working.

Unproductive Work Hours

Use of non related work sites will be deducted from the total number of worked hours that will be validated by our Accounts Department.

Mode of Payment

Mode of Payment will be through Paypal, and EON debit card from Unionbank.

The big issue agents will run into is the lack of a debit card for use with PayPal. Union Bank Philippines has a debit card that will allow you to link with PayPal. Please follow this link to apply.

( does not officially endorse any bank or financial institutions. This is a recommendation from employees who have run into the same issue)

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