We create a virtual workplace minus the inefficiencies of a traditional office-based work. Clients need no longer worry about paying an absurd amount for overhead office costs and maintenance, not to mention paying for logged hours when employees were actually unproductive. Jobseekers can now say goodbye to lost hours (READ: unpaid) spent getting ready for work, commuting to and from work and even the mundane task of worrying what to wear to work.

Think of us as a bridge connecting compatible clients and jobseekers regardless of their geographical locations. Outbounders.com is not only an avenue for them to connect but for them to actually maintain a working relationship for a long time. The hiring process is really made simple without discounting the need for quality.

  1. Clients and jobseekers alike would have to sign in and create their profiles. In a matter of a few clicks and filling-out of forms, you would have already completed this process.
  2. For the applicants, there is a shortlisting process that is done wherein an in-house recruitment staff would evaluate their skills and find out their strengths. This pre-screening process actually helps both clients and jobseekers save time.
  3. With their competencies filtered, the jobseekers would have a higher chance of being selected by a client with a need for their specific skillsets.
  4. The clients can browse through a list of pre-screened jobseekers, listen to their recordings and see if they are online for an interview. They can fill their posts right after the interview.

It does not end there. We also provide a platform for the clients to train their new hires for FREE. The client can put in place the software that they are already using at their workplace OR they can use the Outbounder.com dialer which would make everything easy for them. They can track the hours, manage performance and keep their billing on track through this very easy-to-use dialer.

Overall, we have streamlined the efficiencies of a working relationship by keeping in mind how valuable your time, money and talent are. Sign up now and experience how Outbounder.com can improve your current professional situation.