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David Flannery D | Outbounder

I have worked for Convergys as a customer service representative & technical support for over 3 years. I have 6 years of sales experience through publishing, product sales and up-selling....

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Chrisofel P | Outbounder

Fast Learner and have all the skills any client may need for an outbounder. Great attitude towards accomplishing any task given in full details and clear instructions. More for action than words...

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Donnie A | Outbounder

I am person who never settles for mediocrity if everything can be done with perfection.

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Mairem Faith H | Outbounder

I have the drive to thrive, I am passionate about what I do and I always get the job done. I am very passionate about creating a world-class experience that...

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Abigail Faith C | Outbounder

I have worked for various companies with diversified roles, international and local. I have handled telco, financial, software, logistics and consumer products and services.

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Miguel Jose L | Outbounder

I believe my home based work experiences in appointment setting, telemarketing and lead generation for various businesses in the US, Canada and Australia give me the edge over other applicants....

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Crystal Gale R | Outbounder

I'm reliable, hard working, fast learner and resourceful. I was a Quality Assurance Team Leader for a market research company for 8 years therefore I have more than enough...

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George F | Outbounder

Hi! I want to start off by saying that I believe in strong family structure, which leads to my personal motivation, allowing me to overcome obstacles and life challenger, I...

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Cheryl M | Outbounder

"I DON'T NEED EASY, I JUST NEED POSSIBLE!" I've been in the business for 8 years. My experiences has polished me in mastering my methods, strategy and skills on...

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John L | Outbounder

Since I started working as a Sales professional, I developed an extensive interest and passion in challenging myself to exceed what is expected of me. My daily goal is to...

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