Oubounders.com Comparison

Technology was so great that it had made it possible for people to work with each other like they were in the same room despite the thousands of miles that they are apart physically. Even better is the fact that a lot of skilled jobseekers can now enjoy working from home without really compromising the output that they can contribute to the company.

There were a lot of platforms or websites that have realized that there is indeed a big potential for this type of industry. Through all their efforts, a lot of companies all over the world now enjoy great savings along with highly-qualified staff outputs. It is even possible to say that a lot of employees have reduced their negative stress level significantly since they started working from home.

They all have a platform where employers can post jobs and look for potential employees. They all enable jobseekers to showcase their CVs and their skills. They all provide an avenue for these two people to communicate with each other and enable them to see if they were a perfect fit. Lastly, they all offer a certain level of security when it comes to payment and performance tracking.

How is Outbounders.com different from all the other freelance websites?

To start with, there is a great emphasis for outbound telemarketing jobs. We have pre-configured tools that can still be highly personalized according to your needs and that you can use to get your business rolling. We can definitely boast of technologically- advanced tools. Isn’t that so much of a lifesaver? Next, we pre-screen the employees to make sure that they are really going to be worth the employers’ while should the jobseekers be interviewed. We somehow make it easy to match hopeful jobseekers that register through our website with potential employers. This way we can guarantee that these jobseekers are really committed and serious about making a career unlike on any other freelance websites where they move on from one client to the next.

In addition to that, we provide employers with an avenue to train their employees to be the best that they can be for FREE.

Lastly, we are making it so much easier for employers to monitor the progress of their telemarketers and manage their billing at the same time through our Outbounder.com system.

If you are looking for a very reliable system to entrust your company or your professional career to, Outbounders.com can be the best partner for you.